biofusion au

a wacky tamers crossover / tri fix-it au!

you know how in digimon tamers, the adventureverse is a TV show? what if ryo, who is known to have traveled between the two universes, saw digimon tri airing and thought, "damn, that sucks," and traveled back to help them? in this au, ryo returns to the adventureverse and frees the 02 kids from dark gennai's tubes just as the OG kids meet a Bad End against ordinemon. using the power of matrix (biomerge) evolution that ryo shared with them, the four remaining chosen children must save their friends and the world, an effort that culminates in daisuke & ken, the only remaining jogress pair, using a new type of evolution called "biofusion" to jogress their biomerged forms into one super-ultimate digimon.

so yeah, this was all just an excuse to get daisuke and ken naked together inside one of those glowing biomerge balls.

but hey, i love it, and i even designed some new digimon for it! still need to get around to making miyako & hawkmon's evo and iori & armadimon's, but you can read about daisuke and ken's evos below! profile pictures by beelzemons on twitter!


the biomerge evolution of ken & wormmon! similar to hudiemon, yasashimon is an insectoid/humanoid digimon, but with the wings of a luna moth rather than a butterfly. they're an ultimate (mega) level digimon whose special attack is striking their enemies with a glowing blade that is super-effective against the darkness. the "tamer ball" where ken is contained inside them is the light pink color of the crest of kindness.


the biomerge evolution of daisuke & v-mon! kisekimon is an ultimate (mega) level dragon man digimon. they can utilize the powers of fire and electricity simultaneously, manipulating one element in each hand and combining them to perform their special attack. the "tamer ball" where daisuke is contained inside them is the golden color of the crest of miracles.


the jogress evolution of yasashimon and kisekimon -- aka one big "biofusion" digimon made up of daisuke, v-mon, ken, and wormmon! kagayakimon is a "super-ultimate (mega)" digimon, since, like omegamon, they are a combination of two ultimate (mega)-level digimon. they are an insectoid dragon man digimon with four arms and four wings, and a tail resembling a dragonfly's. they are extremely powerful and use a beam of energy from their chest, marked with a combination of the kindness and miracles crests, to blast their enemies away. daisuke and ken are both contained inside them in the same "tamer ball," which is teal.

more art of this au can be found at its official pixiv tag!


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