daiken collection

gaze upon my daiken collection!!!

if the pictures don't load, refresh your page! i promise they all work!

this is the current iteration of my daiken shrine! originally it was just a teeny tiny box, but over the years it has expanded exponentially. i used to have it in my office, but when i moved to my new house i moved the daiken stuff to a big bookcase in our library, and the patamons are now in my bedroom!

here's a gallery of the shrine in my old office, for posterity! click the thumbnails to expand!


as you can see, i really love symmetry. i put all my daisuke stuff on one side and all my matching ken stuff on the other! the same goes for my ita bag, which is getting an update very soon (just waiting on some new merch i made to come in!)

i made all of the small buttons myself...

the rest of my daiken stuff was mostly made by me...

daiken body pillows and jogress paddle made by yours truly!

other stuff i've made can be found at my etsy shop!

other collection pages: tcg | patamons


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