crest gems au

in which the kids have freaky gem sex!!!

crest gems au is an alternate version of the adventureverse where the chosen children's crests appear as glowing gemstones on their bodies that contain their souls! by touching them they can share their surface feelings, and by pressing them against each other in an act called "alignment" they can deeply experience each other's thoughts and emotions as if their digimon were jogressing. actual jogress pairs are "soulmates" and have an enhanced bond which essentially allows them to jogress themselves when they align and completely merge their minds into one. so basically we made this au so our OTP could have epic mindblowing soul sex!!!

the au has been talked about at LENGTH already on other sites, so i won't go much further in-depth here -- if you want to learn more, check out one of these wonderful pages on the subject!

( crest gems page on daiken-miracles | official crest gems info carrd )

more art of this au can be found at its official pixiv tag!


how the chosen children treat their crests

these are some headcanons/canons for the au that i wrote up to explain how each chosen child feels about their crest and how open they are to sharing it. read on to find out!

  • mimi: treats her crest pretty casually. on the outside of her wrist, it’s in a place that’s easy to touch or align with and she makes use of that to deepen her bonds with her loved ones. as she gets older she learns just how to tease her crest-bearing friends in sexy situations~*
  • sora: treats her crest more intimately. she has always had a problem sharing her tender feelings and the emotional vulnerability is too much for her to express casually, so touching and aligning is something she does rarely and only with those she’s thoroughly bonded to.
  • jou: any touch makes him instantly, unreasonably turned on. it’s just TOO INTIMATE and he can’t handle it at all. he keeps his crest well-hidden and out of reach.
  • koushiro: he is one of the most frigid when it comes to crests. emotions are the one thing he can’t quite compute, and the thought of having to deal firsthand with others’ or let his own escape the tight grip he has on them terrifies him. it takes him a long time to even try touching (for research purposes, of course), and alignment even longer, and only with someone he trusts 100%.
  • hikari: crests are very Sacred to her, since she’s had hers since she was quite young, and she sees touching and alignment as a special form of intimacy reserved for those closest to her. with those people she has done it a lot over the years, so she’s quite accustomed to it.
  • miyako: like mimi, her crest on her palm is easily accessible. as a curious and outgoing person, she’s eager to connect with her friends and learn about them and crests in general, so she does invite touch a lot. but she also has a tendency to clam up and refuse it whenever she feels emotionally unstable, nervous about sharing her often conflicting internal feelings.
  • takeru: big champion of casual touch. as he grows and becomes more emotionally constipated, he realizes his crest is a means to cut straight to his core and allow others to understand him without words. it’s used mostly for emotional transfer reasons, but as he also becomes more comfortable with his sexuality he incorporates it into that too.
  • iori: too aroace to find crests sexual at all, but treats the intimacy of it with respect and reverance. he feels honored to have been bestowed this ability to reach further than himself, and uses it when necessary to connect with someone else, not for casual thrills.
  • daisuke: LOVE!!! daisuke wears his heart on his sleeve and his crest on his heart. he’s kind of obsessed with his crest and constantly shows it off, leaving it open to casual touch by friends. his emotions tend to pour right out of him when touched — hardly any filter at all — so he has to be careful if he’s trying to hide something. but generally he is aware that he is an open book, crest or not, and embraces both the emotional and sensual side of crests.
  • ken: FEAR!!! his crest is associated with a lot of negative memories, considering it is where the dark seed’s infection took hold of him, causing him to become the kaiser, and therefore the part of him targeted by demon and violated by oikawa/vamdemon. he keeps it hidden well (his longer hairstyle is no accident), and avoids touch at all costs. daisuke is the first, and very likely the only person he will ever be remotely comfortable with touching and aligning with, since he was the first one to really feel and understand his soul at all and was the one whose miracle cured it. he sees touching and aligning as an extremely vulnerable and intimate thing, and enjoys getting lost in the connection, using it as an escape from his own troubled mind.
  • taichi: horny boy. he’s an adrenaline junkie who loves pushing limits and finds crest touching and aligning as thrilling as it is sensual. he treats it casually in this context, down to (fuck) align with anyone. it’s possible for him to treat it nonsexually, but generally he’s in it for the nut and craves that extra level of intimacy along with whatever else he might be doing.
  • yamato: secret horny boy. realized that crest touching gives him sexual feels early on, but hid that fact as he continued to “reluctantly” allow touch with friends as a means of sexual experimentation. the downside to this, of course, is the emotional vulnerability, but like in all areas of his life he becomes very skilled at burying what he doesn’t want to share and controlling what he does. he does keep his crest covered but isn’t exactly stopping taichi from pulling up his shirt and touching it all the time. as he grows older and comes out about his sexuality, he becomes another champion of casual touch, encouraging others to experiment the way he did.
  • wallace: another horny boy, what can i say. he is very into the sensual side of crests and good at hiding what he doesn’t want to transfer, so he invites touch with ease. unfortunately he doesn’t get to meet up with other crest-bearers often so mutual touch and alignment aren’t readily available to him. but that only makes him crave it more!!!
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