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welcome to the page where i talk about my own daiken headcanons!! here in fandom we make our own canon, so these points are as real to me as anything in the show. feel free to adopt any of them into your own art or writing!

  • my favorite dynamic for daiken involves a daisuke who is incredibly gay but doesn't know it yet and thinks his overzealous and increasingly romantic advances towards ken are simply guys bein dudes platonic, meanwhile ken is very gay and very dying. this hasn't stopped me from exploring versions where daisuke is aware of his romantic inclinations and where ken isn't, but i think it's more realistic when daisuke's too much of an idiot to realize it and ken's too GAY not to. i think that most likely it'll have to be ken who finally makes a move on daisuke to let him know exactly how he feels, and everything will come crashing into place after that.
  • since daisuke and ken live in different areas and don't go to the same school, they spend pretty much every weekend sleeping over at each other's houses to get the most time together. this is a pretty universal headcanon amongst daikens, but that's all the more reason it belongs here! these sleepovers are the setting of most daiken fics, and lend themselves perfectly to one of my favorite tropes ever, BEDSHARING!! (not to mention somnophilia lol)
  • another semi-popular headcanon that i'd like to mention here is that daisuke's true crest is the crest of miracles. the digimental of miracles appears only to him in both the show and the golden digimentals movie, so i see no reason why that isn't just his crest. "miracles" certainly fits him, with his ability to make miracles happen just be believing in himself and his friends! i wish miyako and iori had been given their own personal crests too, but since they weren't we just had to make some up for the crest gems au.
  • i like to imagine that daisuke and ken maintain a connection between their hearts even outside of jogress, and often become aware of each others' heartbeats in emotionally charged situations, sometimes even synchronizing without their digimon having to combine if they are physically close. since their hearts are a major thing that brought them together, they see this connection as really special and intimate and relish the persistent feeling of unity between them.
  • it's pretty clear from the show that daisuke loves food, and ken, in contrast, is a light eater (his parents practically had to beg him to "eat more like a normal boy" and when he did it to appease them he got a stomachache). this has led me to headcanon that the two of them fall on opposite ends of the stomach-spectrum, with ken having a teeny baby bird stomach and daisuke having a bottomless pit. daisuke is always trying to get ken to eat more, and like with his parents, ken often pushes himself to eat too much just to make him happy -- especially if it's something daisuke made himself!
  • tri is... terrible, and although i'm perfectly fine with ignoring and pretending it doesn't exist, i do have headcanons for how it could be improved. the main thing that needs to be changed is that the OG kids actually CARE about their missing friends and spend a significant portion of the plot looking for them, and never fall for the fake kaiser act. after that it's just a matter of coming up with the aftermath of the 02 kids being released from their tubes. my headcanon is that when they wash up on the beach, everyone wakes up except for ken, who was starved of oxygen for several minutes by dark gennai. this results in him being stuck in a coma for a while to cater to my medical fetish and cause lots of daisuke angst!!! i also have a way more elaborate tri fix-it called biofusion au, which you can read about it on its own page.
  • branching off of that, it's my headcanon that daisuke gives the goggles back to taichi while ken is stuck in his coma, feeling guilty and responsible for leading his team into danger and failing to defeat alphamon. taichi tries to dissuade him but he refuses to listen and taichi puts them away in the hope that he'll someday be able to give them back to him. that day comes after the end of kizuna, once taichi has lost agumon. he gives them back to daisuke and asks him to do better than he did and never end up losing his digimon. daisuke doesn't have the heart to turn him down again.
  • as for kizuna, i fully believe that the 02 kids (along with mimi, koushiro, and jou) would never lose and have to rediscover their digimon like taichi, yamato, and sora did. the entire purpose of the 02 kids being included in the movie was to show a "good end" example of chosen children embracing their dreams and therefore their digimon and living in harmony with them in their daily lives. besides, ken's already lost wormmon once and he's NOT about to make the same mistake again.
  • i think it goes without saying, but obviously the ep*logue is terrible and does not exist. in this house we do not even speak of it. the digital world does open up for everyone in the world to get partners and everyone gets to keep their partners their whole lives but that's all i take from it lol
  • my headcanon for 19-year-old future ken is that he still has his long hair, because i can't bear to draw him without it!! to differentiate him from younger ken, i have him put it up in a tiny ponytail that perfectly shows off his sexy nape ;3 he's also really fucking tall. i like to imagine he's studying psychology to become a child therapist and help kids who have experienced traumatic events like he did. it feels like the kind of thing he'd feel really fulfilled by, especially with how concerned he was over the other dark seed children.

  • my headcanon kizuna ken!

  • my headcanon for 19-year-old future daisuke is pretty much the same as he is in kizuna -- he's going to culinary school to get his chef's license and apprenticing at a ramen shop to learn the trade. he uses the digital gates to travel around the world trying ramen from all over to get ideas for his future world-famous noodle cart, and regularly drags ken along on these trips, whether they've identified them as dates yet or not. appearance-wise, he stays short, remaining neck-height with ken throughout his life. i just give him more hair than they did in kizuna (where did his bangs and sideburns go, toei? why do you want to take our boys' hair away??), and i think it's really cute if he's started putting on a little weight from all his ramen binging ;)

  • my headcanon kizuna daisuke!

  • since we never see what v-mon and wormmon's natural perfect and ultimate evolutions would be if they evolved without jogressing, i've had to come up with some headcanons of my own:
  • leafmon > minomon > wormmon > stingmon > jewelbeemon > banchostingmon

    chicomon > chibimon > v-mon > xv-mon > magnamon (perfect) > ulforcev-dramon

    magnamon (perfect) is an alternate design i did based on the principle of rapidmon having a golden armor form as well as a regular (green) perfect form. why can't magnamon have the same? i tried to make its color scheme fit more with ulforce so the line would look cohesive. daisuke would be able to evolve xv-mon into magnamon (perfect) using the power of the crest of miracles in his heart, or use his digimental of miracles whenever it appears to turn v-mon into his more powerful golden armor magnamon form in an emergency.

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