daisuke & v-mon

this is the page for my ramblings about the greatest goggle boy, motomiya daisuke!


my favorite way to describe daisuke is head empty, heart full. he may be an idiot in many regards, but he's never lacking in empathy. sure, he has his moments of insecurity, but when it comes down to it, no one has a stronger belief in themselves and their friends. he's a funny, playful, and delightfully simple boy, always trying his best at everything he does and succeeding through sheer persistence. he's fantastic, and i love him.

a lot of people tend to dislike daisuke due to the dub, and if you're one of those people -- well, first of all, why are you on a daiken fansite? -- but seriously, you should watch the sub. the dub made him even dumber and kind of a jerk, hiding his character growth under jokes and bullying. not enough to ever make me dislike him, but after seeing the sub, i can say with complete confidence that he is a well-written and well-rounded protagonist to be admired. he starts the show as kind of an outcast, not really anyone's first pick, but he rises to the challenge like no one else could and takes his place as the de-facto leader of the new group of chosen children. it takes him a while to really earn it, along with the trust of the rest of the kids, and it's really not until the conflict with the kaiser comes to a head that he really steps up and becomes a great leader. but more on that later!


v-mon, daisuke's blue baby dragon of a partner, is basically just a smaller daisuke. or rather, he represents the purest form of daisuke, uncorrupted by the insecurities picked up from Living In a Society. at first he doesn't understand why the world isn't as simple as himself, wondering why daisuke has a hard time making friends -- because he thinks daisuke is great, so why wouldn't everyone else? this childlike innocence sometimes gets him into trouble, but not much more than daisuke's does, because they really are sharing one brain cell between them. chibimon especially has an impish streak, jumping incessently on daisuke to wake him up, blowing their cover for a cookie crumb, and blurting out things that daisuke would rather not share. v-mon's self-control is only a little bit better, however, and you can rest assured that no matter what form he's in, shenanigans will ensue.

relationship with each other

daisuke & v-mon are the perfect pair -- no other digimon could match daisuke's limitless energy, could play and bicker with him like the kids they are, and also be ready to save the day at a moment's notice. they do often give each other a hard time, but they'd do anything for each other in an instant. one second v-mon's about to pummel daisuke for trying to prank him into evolving, and the next he's rushing to save him from a potentially life-threatening situation (which turns out to be another prank). daisuke bursts into tears just imagining having to fight, or god forbid, kill his own partner in the digimentals movie, and as much as he wants to help nat-chan in the door to summer drama CD, he knows he could never give up chibimon, no matter how annoying he can sometimes be. despite their little spats, it only takes one look at them to see that they're always in sync with each other. they will always have each others' back, always encourage each other to believe in their dreams and their bond, and know that together they can do anything.

relationship with ken & wormmon

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