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some of my favorite fics i've written!

here are some of my favorite daiken fics i've written, categorized into themes (or rather, kinks) so you can easily find something you like! all my fics are hosted on my ao3, where you can find even more than just the ones listed here!

my top picks

what i consider my very best and most essential fics!!

  • accretions (M): easily my favorite fic i've written for digimon, and possibly the best thing i've ever written period. it's a daiken fic where daisuke is only present in fantasy, focusing instead on how ken works through his newfound connection to him with wormmon. it perfectly encapsulates the partner relationship that is so very dear to me and expresses everything i ever wanted to say about the profound bond between the two boys and their combined souls. if you don't read anything else on this page, at least check out this one.
  • little secrets (T): this is THE fic i always wanted to see written for this ship ever since i was a kid. i wrote it and it's perfect. simply the boys using a stethoscope on each other!!
  • hold me together (T): my big angsty masterpiece, still a favorite after all this time. it has elements of touch-starvation and near-death/resuscitation that i love so much, featuring daisuke saving ken from the dark seed with his magical healing touch.
  • endless hues and shades (T): another touch-starvation themed fic, written as a sequel/companion piece to one of anatui's. i dunno, i've just always loved how this came out, it's short and sweet and has so much body-exploration goodness.
  • share with me the blankets that you're wrapped in (G): a 5+1 bedsharing fic that i'm really fond of. definitely a recommended read for some sweet daiken fluff.
  • cardiophilia fics

    fics pertaining to my most favoritest thing in the whole world -- the heart! nearly all of my fics include heart stuff in some capacity, but these are some with a main focus on hearts/heartbeats...

  • little secrets (T): mentioned above, but here it is again because you can't have a cardiophilia section without stething.
  • interstellar hearts (G): some sweet and silly fluff where daiken engage in some public cardiophilic activity.
  • let your heart beat here (G): an au where ken has a heart condition, and daisuke finds out he's the unexpected cure.
  • anatomy lesson (T): another one of my favorites, a fun little story where ken gives daisuke a hands-on anatomy lesson. it's supposed to be about the skeleton, but because it's me, a lot of it is about hearts.
  • i can feel you slipping away (T): one of my rare angst pieces, with daisuke trying to find any sign of life in comatose ken post-tri. of course there is a huge focus on his heart, the only part of him that still responds. darker than the other fics in this section and contains mild somnophilia.
  • glow kink & crest gems au fics

    fics heavily featuring glowing body parts as a kink -- yeah, i know i'm the only person in the world who has this kink, but it appears in a LOT of my work, especially in the crest gems au.

  • you left me in the dark (G): this is just one of those extremely me-brand fics, something where daisuke and ken's hearts inexplicably begin to glow after they jogress.
  • rays of gold and honey (E): some completely crazy glow porn written for a combination of two kink meme prompts involving glowing crests and glowing cum. a fun time all around!!
  • let me go under your skin (E): this is a short porn fic for the crest gems au where daisuke can't resist the invitation of ken's crest. beware of somnophilia and mild dub-con~
  • this moment changes everything (G): my own sort of intro-to-crest-gems-au fic, describing daisuke's discovery of his own crest. i think it's one of my funniest fics and sets up a lot of fun stuff for the au!
  • crest gem au drabbles - walldai (T): my favorite chapter of my crest gems au drabbles (though go ahead and read all the chapters if you're into the au!). the only fic on this page that isn't a daiken fic (gasp) since it's pre-daiken, showing how wallace was actually the first person to touch daisuke's crest.
  • (BONUS) let's play soccer (T): a collaboration with okikage, this fic is actually a roleplay we did together for the crest gems au! it's really long but has fun little icons to look at and a lot of beautiful writing from us both!
  • partner-focused fics

    fics that focus on the bond between daiken and their digimon partners!

  • accretions (M): as stated at the top of this page, this is my favorite fic i've written for the fandom. wormmon helps ken work through his newfound connection to daisuke.
  • between sheets (E): sweet morning-after daiken porn where the digimon are present and part of things. another one of my top faves, a joy to write and to read!
  • are you part of me (G): a mini-fic you don't want to miss, set in an (dæmon-influenced) au where touching another's digimon is highly taboo and invasive and exploring how that would effect jogress.
  • stuffing/weight gain fics

    hey, it's one of my biggest kinks lol. if you're looking for shameless tummy indulgence, this is the place. please only read these if you have this kink, or else it will be pretty weird xD;;

  • study date (M): my chubby daisuke MANIFESTO. basically started its own au which then just became my headcanon lol. daisuke's ramen binging pays off big time :P
  • baikingu (T): a much milder expression of this kink, featuring daisuke and ken pigging out at a buffet.
  • sweet suffocation (E): the opposite of the above; an extremely explicit porn fic featuring chubby daisuke xD
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