five dais au

time for some crack!

five dais au is an au where, upon a revisit to the world of a dreams, daisuke splits into five different forms corresponding with v-mon's evolutions: yuuki (aggressive and horny courage daisuke), yuujou (happy and handsy friendship daisuke), seijukuki (mature and experienced adult daisuke) kiseki (a godlike glowing miracle daisuke) -- and, of course, his regular present-day "child" self. of course all of these different daisukes want the one and only ken, and (sexy) shenanigans ensue~

the original comic

so far the artwork here is all there is for the au visually, but anatui wrote an amazing porn fic for it that you should definitely check out!


yuuki is daisuke's aggressive and courageous side. freed from daisuke's usual self-consciousness, he's a confident daisuke who goes after what he wants. and what he wants, of course, is ken! he has no shame in being openly flirty in his pursuit of him. he's dressed in daisuke's digital world outfit, featuring a flame jacket that matches his corresponding v-mon evolution, fladramon.


yuujou is daisuke's sweet and friendly side. he loves his best friend, ken, and has absolutely no sense of personal boundaries, using the guise of platonic camaraderie to get his hands all over him. he's dressed in daisuke's outfit from the digimentals movie, in which his corresponding v-mon evolution, raidramon, was featured prominently.


kiseki is daisuke's incredible miracle side. he represents daisuke's ability to achieve anything through sheer belief, and can bend reality to give ken anything he wants, speaking straight to his heart to know what that is without needing to ask aloud. he does not seem to be wearing any clothing at all, and is instead cloaked in the golden light of his corresponding v-mon evolution, magnamon.


seijukuki is daisuke's older self at age 19, already studying to be a ramen chef in college. he's a more mature daisuke with experience that our young ken doesn't, and is also the only daisuke who is and will ever be bigger than him. needless to say, he has his own appeals. he appears in daisuke's outfit from the kizuna movie from which he was taken, and corresponds to v-mon's only evolution in that movie, his adult form xv-mon.

original flavor

this is our ordinary run-of-the-mill daisuke, who's really nothing short of extraordinary! he contains all the other daisukes' charms and abilities, even if he doesn't see that all the time and needs ken to convince him that he is the most courageous, friendly, mature, and miraculous partner in any world. he is truly the ultimate daisuke! he appears in his winter outfit, the outfit he was wearing when he visited the world of dreams in the show.


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