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*gasp* yes, i do ship things other than daiken

welcome to the page where i present my thoughts on a bunch of digimon ships that aren't daiken. i know, it's hard to believe that i could ship anything other than daiken, the world's most perfect ship, but you'll find a lot of these have to do with daiken anyway, and rest assured that every ship involving daisuke or ken with someone else is always assumed to be pre-daiken or otherwise leading to daiken as the "endgame." besides, i don't tend to ship the way most people do... being aromantic myself, i'm not too invested in romance and consider "shipping" to be simply enjoying the relationship between two characters, whether it be platonic, romantic, sexual, or something all its own. i'll detail the specific ways i enjoy each ship below!


jogress ships

as a daiken shipper and avid believer that jogress = soulmates (read more about that at my intro), of course i ship every jogress pair in the show... but some have more rights than others.

  • taiyama are the classic digimon gays... BEFORE DAIKEN ARRIVED ON THE SCENE AND TOOK THE CROWN! but still, taiyama are really, really gay, and i like the raw sexuality they have as a ship, it makes for some incredible fanworks that i really enjoy. llyn wrote the taiyama bible, so i'll just direct you right over to her fic cool, calm, and collected -- or if you want something a little shorter, swan boat! -- if you want to meet the taiyama i love (and get a little daiken too!). nobi nobita has some amazing doujins you should check out too, my favorite is "sweet soul music". but yeah, that's about it for taiyama, it's real and it's out there, and i enjoy it as much as the next fujo.
  • miyakari is cute! miyako and hikari have a fun dynamic as The Loud One and The Soft One, and their jogress episode is really really gay. it's so easy to see them as girlfriends, holding hands and sharing kisses, but i don't tend to think of them much more deeply than that. they do make great auxillary characters in daiken fics, so they get a lot of mileage there at least! i like it when they're all too aware of daiken's Gay and help with getting them together.
  • takori is the jogress pair with the least rights. unfortunately they are a victim of "pair the spares" and don't really have much chemistry at all. you could argue that's what makes it interesting that they were paired together, but it's just not that interesting. still, i profess to ship every jogress pair, so i do my best to throw them a bone whenever i can. i think my favorite interpretation of them is in crest gems au, where they find themselves to be platonic soulmates instead of romantic like the other pairs and have to deal with what that means for them. they'll probably end up as wacky college roommates one day with iori being the super straight-laced aroace and takeru the slutty party boy.
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    daiken x taiyama

    okay so, i just think the members of the two top yaoi ships... should kiss sometimes??? there's a lot of fun to be had in all combinations of daiken and taiyama, especially in daisuke's case (he's kind of my fandom bicycle, woops), so why shouldn't i ship the senpais with their successors? this is also the section where i link llyn's fics way too much, since the whole thing is really just a brainworm i got from them.

  • daisuke x taichi (taidai) is probably the only one of these ships that's actually popular outside of, uh, me, and that's because there's a lot of fuel for it in canon, and it's fun to ship the goggle boys together!! daisuke basically idolizes taichi as his senpai, and taichi definitely sees his potential, considering he basically named him his heir in the first episode when he handed over his precious goggles. daisuke has totally had a crush on both of the yagamis his whole life since they grew up in the same apartment complex and went to the same elementary school, and this only intensified when they acquired a new bond as fellow chosen children. it's really fun to imagine daisuke going to taichi for advice on every aspect of his life... including his sexuality... and maybe even doing some early practice with him. maybe it's even horny early-teen taichi taking advantage of daisuke's crush to fool around. anything where taichi gets to teach daisuke more than just soccer is good in my books. ;) this ship is the one in this section that's most likely to have actually done stuff together lol.
  • daisuke x yamato is, to put it at its simplest, another senpai-crush-ship; daisuke obviously looks up to yamato as well as taichi, and even if they don't get along at first, yamato comes around to daisuke and starts to trust him as much as taichi does by the time he gets the digimental of friendship. i like it if yamato is kind of the one who awakens daisuke's early gay feelings of "wow... boys can be... pretty???" which intensify when he meets ken. as basically ken's predecessor as the edgy emo guy of the group, daisuke is attracted to the way he is kinda dangerous and hard to get, and i think he occupies this mysterious place in daisuke's mind (and sexuality) where he sees how taichi interacts with him and sort of projects himself there and like, wants. of course, it all makes sense when he later gets with ken, but the sexual tension between daisuke and yamato never fully goes away, always this forbidden temptation for him. LOADS of ust. my thoughts on this ship are heavily inspired by parts of some more of llyn's fics (yes, i'm a huge fan), especially their will-they-won't-they dynamic in cool, calm, and collected, and if you want to read a sexy scene between the two of them look no further than crestfallen, both of which also have amazing daiken in them!
  • ken x yamato is definitely a rarepair, but hey, they have a whole half an episode dedicated to their interactions, so that's something, right? it's more than a lot of other ships get, at least. in canon i feel like yamato is extra kind to ken, seeing as he kind of relates to the whole turning on the group thing, as he did some dark stuff himself too back in the adventure days. basically, i think he forgives him for what he did as the kaiser and moves past it easily, something that's always baffling for ken, but definitely appreciated. i can see him becoming sort of a mentor for him, a senpai that he can turn to when daisuke would turn to taichi, and that the two of them would see past each other's tough exteriors to the kind hearts within. if the two of them got close, daisuke would most definitely be jealous and cause some fun tension between all three. this is another ship i picked up from llyn's fic cool, calm, and collected, which actually has a pretty different interpretation of them from what i described to be my headcanon here, but i love it just as much lol (let them be catty bitches to each other!). i do think they're a ship with a lot of potential for different interpretations, and i'd be really interested to see more of them together.
  • ken x taichi is probably my least-shipped pair in this section, but still a fun one to think about. this one mirrors daisuke x yamato in a lot of ways, with ken being attracted to taichi because of all the ways he's like daisuke, but being absolutely terrified of actually engaging with him, so he remains an unattainable temptation. i don't think it would be easy for ken to get over the hurt he dealt directly to taichi as the kaiser and be constantly awkward around him, even if taichi has pretty much blown it off, or at least acts like he has. that tension between them only adds to the sexual tension though, with ken constantly wondering if -- or rather fantasizing that -- taichi is going to make some kind of move on him, especially when he gets playful like daisuke. he's like a rougher and more dangerous daisuke, somehow both more mature and immature, and all that really titillates ken, haha. i do think i prefer if a move is never actually made, as the threat of something happening between them is what makes it fun for me. ust! ust!!
  • also, i think it goes without saying but i definitely would ship any combination of the above in a three- or four-way too haha. taiyama x daisuke especially~ let him have BOTH senpais!
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    incest ships

    i do enjoy a good incest, especially between siblings, and digimon is honestly full of it lol. i'll ship them anywhere from familially to sexually, i think they're really fun!

  • takaishida kyoudai - ONII-CHAN!! yamato and takeru's personalities basically revolve around each other in the first season, so this is just text. all yamato cares about is being a good brother, even more than his own survival, and when takeru starts to reject his overbearing protection he is absolutely crushed and goes sicko mode on his friends. i also love the part where takeru recalls his earliest memory and it's yamato holding him as a baby. that's really gay. takeru tops!
  • yagami kyoudai - ONII-CHAN!!! this is also just... canon. episode 21 of adventure really is the incest episode. the fact that they shared a room till taichi was in middle school... how he would cover for her and wash her panties when she wet the bed??? fjkgf details that didn't need to be shared, BUT WERE, FOR SOME REASON!! the scene where they have to part and hikari rests her forehead against taichi's back? WHEN SHE HOLDS ONTO HIS HAND UNTIL THE VERY LAST SECOND?! i cry every time. their flashback scene, too!! hikari would do anything for him and he knows that and treats his responsibility as her sibling with the utmost reverence. it's... gay! i like to think of them being slightly (read: very) codependent, and hikari feeling like no boy could ever live up to her onii-chan~ (so it's a good thing she's a lesbian!)
  • unsurprisingly, my only ship in digimon frontier is the twins, and getting to see them be explicitly gay onscreen was the entire reason i agreed to sit through that terrible show. i was pretty thrilled when in the last episode they gifted me specifically with an insanely homosexual hospital scene!! big win for the fawn!!!
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    if you haven’t heard the term “partnershipping” before, it refers to pairings between digimon and their human partners. as i discuss on both my intro and partner page, i believe the digimon in the adventureverse are the souls of the children and so much a part of them that “romance” between them is more like self-love, and any sexual activity they engage in is considered a form of masturbation. (digimon canonically don't have their own sexualities anyway -- and i do not imagine them to ever have any kind of genitalia -- but they share are all the feelings of their partners and can help them process their sexuality in whatever way they can.) none of this stops me from shipping them however, as i’m typically even more interested in this kind of introspective relationship than traditional romance ships.

    so it’s no surprise then that i ship every character in digimon with their partner to a certain extent, but some more than others, which i will list below. it’s important to note that i don’t consider any of these partnerships to conflict with any other ships i may have for the characters — you should be able to love yourself as well as someone else, after all — the pairs listed here just the ones that have enough content to be considered significant ships of mine.

  • ken x wormmon - wamuken is probably my biggest ship in digimon besides daiken... the relationship between ken-chan and his worm is one of the deepest and most heart-wrenching in the entire digimon series, and i just have a lot of feelings about it, okay!! it's just so beautiful the way wormmon stood unconditionally by ken-chan's side even when he was abusing him as the kaiser, and how despite rejecting him over and over the kaiser could never fully push him away, unable to separate himself from this vital piece of the real ken-chan. because that's what wormmon is -- ken-chan's sweet, kind soul, the embodiment of all that he truly is inside. after watching wormmon die and be reborn for him, ken-chan is devoted to spending every day of his life embracing and loving him, treating him, and by extension, himself, with the utmost consideration and care. i feel that ken-chan’s kind nature is revealed in its truest and purest form in his interactions with wormmon; there is no one he is more patient or gentle with, a complete 180 from his kaiser self. wormmon is canonically super attached to ken-chan, to a degree that is probably unnerving to others around him. i can't imagine ken-chan ever hiding anything from him and having no shame when it comes to the love he gives to and receives from him. they're super shmoopy and it's adorable!!! if you want to know more about my interpretation of ken-chan & wormmon's relationship, i urge you to read the fic i wrote about them, accretions -- it is basically my wamuken manifesto as well as a thesis statement for the whole digimon-as-dæmons thing talked about on my partner page. and for further reading, check out this comment thread on accretions that i wrote with the lovely sparkleworm, it serves as a great commentary for the fic!
  • daisuke x v-mon - daivee is not actually one of my hugest ships, but since this is a daiken site i figured i should put my thoughts about them here, especially since i have actually written a fic about them (which is also daiken lol). daisuke and v-mon are one of those pairs where the digimon has a very similar personality to the child, which makes perfect sense for someone as simple as daisuke. no internal complexities here! v-mon is basically just a smaller daisuke -- or rather, he represents the purest form of daisuke, uncorrupted by the insecurities picked up from Living In a Society. they're both stubborn and often bicker with each other, and v-mon's mischievous streak and endless innocence definitely gets him into some trouble, but at the end of the day they are dedicated to uplifting each other and becoming the best they can be together. v-mon, being the one who connected daisuke to ken in the first place, definitely plays as his wingman in regards to courting ken as friend and later lover, and would be instrumental in helping him understand the nature of their relationship and work out his frustration however he needs it.
  • daiken polycule/partnerswap - now this is where things get extra crazy, but here me out: if the digimon share their partners' feelings, doesn't that mean they share the crushes they have on each other? what i'm saying is that if daisuke wants to fuck ken so bad, wouldn't v-mon want to, too? of course, he could always hump wormmon too, but it's fun to let them all bleed together, and i've explored this concept in great depth through art and writing. wormmon already has a special relationship with daisuke -- he reached out to him first, asking him for help saving ken, and sacrificed his life to give magnamon the power to free him. he doesn't have any issue jogressing with v-mon even when ken is afraid to do it, and tells ken how good it felt for him. when ken is kidnapped, he allows daisuke to carry him around, trusting him to save his ken-chan. this is the same wormmon who was viciously jealous when a girl showed ken-chan some attention! needless to say, he cares a lot about daisuke, and so does ken-chan. i think he'd be key in helping ken-chan figure out his feelings for daisuke, whether by talking through them with him or coaxing him to work them out physically -- and the sight of daisuke holding and touching wormmon would definitely put some powerful butterflies in ken-chan's stomach. i just think the four of them could have a lot of fun all together, fully realizing their jogress bond through sexuality with each other's souls.
  • miyako x hawkmon - hawkyako is honestly my top ship for miyako. i find her and hawkmon's conflicting personalities fascinating, along with the fact that they're the only pair of partners in adventure to have opposite genders. miyako is outspoken and uncouth while hawkmon is reserved and dignified, but they strike a perfect bala-bala-balance of caring deeply for each other and both being huge nerds. i love to ponder what hawkmon's gender means for miyako's own gender and (bi)sexual identity, and how he'd help her with understanding both during puberty. (it's honestly really close to my heart, as my own partner is also the opposite gender of mine!) and to get a little dirty, i see miyako as one of the kids who started masturbating early and would always get hawkmon to help her out, putting poromon to work on steamy nights while she deals with her myriads of guy-and-girl crushes. ;)
  • jou x gomamon - this is another pair where their partnership is my primary ship for the characters. i just find jou and gomamon's relationship so much fun, with jou being the incredibly uptight "adult" of the group and gomamon being a childish little prankster. he gets jou to come out of his shell in more ways than one, and i'm interested in exploring how he helps him with his obvious sexual repression as he grows up. i feel like jou would be on some celibacy shit and gomamon would be going nuts from the unresolved sexual tension and constantly be trying to tease him into letting some of that frustration out on him. this old drawing i did really gets the idea across succinctly!
  • yamato x gabumon - this pair is just.... really, really gay? like, yamato thinks gabumon is cool and loves him dearly, but gabumon specifically really idolizes and adores yamato to a "crushing" degree. just listen to the song he sang him on the tri soundtrack, called "kimi ni totte / to you" -- and the one yamato sang back, called "boku ni totte / to me"!!! that's some gay shit right there baby!! some of their gayest moments come in tri actually, which is a shame cuz the rest of tri sucks lol. but even in the original series, gabumon is always blushing around yamato, and is ready to take off his pelt and use it to warm him up when he's sick and freezing in a cave, despite this being his biggest fear. i dunno man, i just love how much gabumon loves yama, and yama isn't quite as good at showing his feelings but vows to make an effort to always share them with gabumon, a promise he made to him and only him. it's very sweet!!! they should kiss
  • digimon tamers - the tamers universe is quite a bit different from the adventureverse in that the digimon are not their partner's souls from the get-go, but rather separate creatures they meet and develop a bond with that eventually results in them becoming so close they physically merge into one. biomerge strikes me incredibly deeply as someone with my own digimon partner, so of course i'm extremely invested in the partnerships in tamers, most of all ruki and renamon, who are the most traditionally romantic out of any partnership in digimon.
  • digimon ghost game - currently airing as i write this page, digimon ghost game has some amazing partnerships too. the opposite gender partners are obviously a thrill for me for reasons already mentioned above, but all three of the main trio have such interesting relationships with their partners. hiro acting as the older brother/single parent to a sweet baby dinosaur who sometimes turns into a sexy villain (who should fuck him) is great, and i love ruli and her soft-spoken big sexy bunny boy who's always watching over and protecting her -- but most of all i love jellymon-SAMA and her darling, who have this amazing and hilarious teasing loli-dom relationship that i just can't get enough of. jellymon forcibly made higacchi her partner and constantly bosses him around, and i want her to humiliate him. sexually.
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    various ships

  • taichi x koushiro - i find this ship cute and like how they look together, but i endgame taiyama so i never really delve too deeply into it. i do love looking at the fanart though, koushiro stans are SO powerful.
  • hikari x daisuke (yes, in that order.) - sometimes i just wanna see hikari be a little mean, yknow? i'd love to see her take advantage of daisuke's crush on her to mess around with him, giving him a teeny tiny taste and nothing more. i just love when little boys get their hearts (and boners) crushed by little girls. 0:)
  • yagamis x daisuke - same as above, but hikari pulls taichi into the mix so he can tease his kouhai. it's really good when siblings conspire to ruin the kid who's crushing on them!!
  • iori x blackwargreymon - look, i just. LISTEN. they have more chemistry than takori. the way blackwargreymon likens him to a delicate little flower, and struggles with the opposing urges to protect or destroy him... that's just horny, okay??
  • iori x oikawa - i'm going to tell you a little secret: this is digimon's snarry. you're welcome.
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